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Make it fun for children to achieve goals and lovingly instil a sense of responsibility. Star charts are like contracts between a parent and child and are important for developing relationships based on trust.

Kidstarcharts website has great ideas for children's behaviour targets and rewards both small and large. There is good advice about motivating children and improving their behaviour.

Build supportive families around children; grand-parents, aunts, uncles and carers all can update star charts either on the web or by SMS text message.

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Motivating improvement in behaviour at home can help you and your child attain developmental abilities vital for a happy and fulfilled family life. Targets appropriate for age groups ranging from 1½ to 16 years of age are provided that can be modified to suit specific children.


Motivating academic achievement is important outside of school. The UK department of education based targets provided are useful guidance to parents expectations.

Out & About

Teaching children about the behaviour expected in contexts such a art museums, professional buildings, cafés and restaurants is crucial from a young age to realise that behaviour is situation dependent.

Each sections describes:

Why motivation for that specific target is important, how to motivate toward that target (particularly children's view of benefits and intermediate targets that may help), and an expert's view on the goal.


Blogs in Facebook and Twitter will encourage discussion between parents and carers and sharing of children's views.

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